Campionati del Mondo Ponferrada 2014

World Championships : Team Time Trial :: Ponferrada-Ponferrada – 57km

“The course was considerably more difficult than last year, and I think we were all surprised by the speed and the climbing – after the first 15km it was up,down, up, down almost completely to the finish -“

Daniil Fominykh after the Team Time Trial at the World Championships in Spain – Astana finished with an average speed of more than 52km, good enough to pass Katyusha in the standings by two seconds and just behind FDJ of France -

Fominykh, who will also race the individual time trial later in the week and then the road race on next Sunday, finished with teammates Alexey Lutsenko, Andrei Grivko and Tanel Kangert, while strongmen Jacopo Guarnieri and Lieuwe Westra did their most important work in the early part of the race -

The finishing result in a team time trial at the World Championships is recorded when the fourth rider crosses the line -

Fominykh, who is also Kazakhstan’s current national champion in the time trial and was the Asian Cycling Champion in the discipline last year, has been in Spain since before the Vuelta a España and watched the season change from Summer into Autumn while racing across the Iberian peninsula -

Astana Pro Team finished 12th out of 29 teams on Sunday, and found themselves 2:13 behind winners BMC at the end of the day -

Cloudy weather, light rain and a shifting wind caused little disturbance for teams that started early, and Fominykh said that the wide streets of Ponferrada were a welcome sight as his 2014 season comes to its final week of competition -

Tre Valli Varesine 2014

Tre Valli Varesine – 200km

“With two riders in the final 11 and just 7km to go, we had an optimal situation, but with the crash we can only consider it a lost opportunity -“

DS Paolo Slongo after Tre Valli Varesine, a one-day Italian circuit race north of Milano -

Enrico Gasparotto and Vincenzo Nibali were successful in finding their way into the final group on the final lap of a wet, hilly day, and by all appearances looked tactically superior to their companions at the end of the race -

But Gasparotto slipped first on a corner, taking with him several riders, including Nibali, and watched as their fellow escapees rode off without them to the finish -

Neither Astana Pro Team rider was seriously injured, though Nibali withdrew from the race, and Gasparotto went on to finish ninth -

Thursday’s race was the third and final of the three one-day races that go into Italy’s Trittico Lombardo -

On Saturday Nibali will change jerseys to race for the Italian National Squad, with recent Vuelta a España double-stage winner Fabio Aru joining him on Sunday in the final test before next week’s World Championship road race in Spain -

Coppa Bernocchi 2014

Tre Valli Varesine – 18.9.14

Astana Pro Team at the 2014 Tre Valle Varesine :

  • Нибали :: Nibali – KAZ
  • Камышев :: Kamyshev – KAZ
  • Тлеубаев :: Tleubaev – KAZ
  • Скарпони :: Scarponi – ITA
  • Ванотти :: Vanotti – ITA
  • Дьяченко :: Dyachenko – KAZ
  • Гавацци :: Gavazzi – ITA
  • Гаспаротто :: Gasparotto – ITA

Паоло Слонго ::DS:: Paolo Slongo


Vuelta Spagna 2014

Coppa Agostoni-Giro delle Brianze 2014 :: Lissone-Lissone – 199km

“I tried to race the final climb with all of my legpower, and it’s too bad they caught us just a few km before the finish -“

Paolo Tiralongo after the Coppa Agostoni, the second of three consecutive one-day Italian races that make up the Trittico Lombardo -

Tiralongo escaped into the breakaway with four other riders and built an advantage of more than seven minutes on the course, racing a mixture of city circuits at the start and finish around Lissone and one long loop in the middle with four short, steep climbs -

After the climbs the peloton accelerated to catch the escapees, finally overtaking Tiralongo and his companions with just 10km to the finish -

Francesco Gavazzi contested the sprint, but finished outside the Top-10, while teammates Vincenzo Nibali and Aleksandr Dyachenko remained behind to continue preparations ahead of next week’s World Championships in Spain -

On Thursday the Trittico Lombardo concludes with the Tre Valli Varesine, a hilly point-to-point race with finishing circuits in near Lago de Varese -

Coppa Bernocchi 2014


“50 күнге созылған үзілістен кейін менің өз бабыма келуім маңызды болды. Ертеңгі жарыс күні менің үйреншікті жарыс жолыма жақсы келеді. Бірақ бүгін өзім ойлағаннан көп жұмсаған сияқтымын“,-

Coppa Bernocchi  жарысының 1-ші кезеңінен кейін Винченцо Нибали.

2014 жылғы Тур де Франс чемпионы Нибали, сапында 23 шабандоз бар алға ұзаған топтың қатарында болды. Бірнеше рет шабуылға да  тәуекел етті.

Ломбардия  Триптихы атауымен жанкүйерлерге жақсы таныс үш веложарыс  Нибалидің Тур де Франстан кейінгі алғашқы қатысып жатқан сыны.

Келесі аптада Испанияда басталатын  Әлем чемпионаты қарсаңында аталмыш жарыс Нибали мен оның командаластарының дүбірлі дода қарсаңында өз дайындықтарын пысықтауға берілген соңғы мүмкіндік.

Нибали 28 қыркүйек күні Әлем чемпионатында Италия құрамасын бастап шығады.

Coppa Bernocchi 2014


“Самым важным было, что я неплохоя себя чувствовал после 50 дней вне гонок – завтра маршрут будет более подходящим для меня, сегодня я потратил больше сил, чем ожидал -“

Винченцо Нибали на финише гонки Coppa Bernocchi, первой в серии из трех однодневных гонок в Италии -

Нибали, чемпион Тур де Франс 2014, отобрался в группу отрыва из 23 гонщиков ближе к финалу гонки, был очень активен, несколько раз атаковал в одиночку на в основном равнинном профиле трассы вблизи Милана -

Три гонки на этой неделе – известных, как Триптих Ломбардии – отмечены возвращением в гонки Нибали после Тур де Франс -

Накануне чемпионата мира, который пройдет на следующей неделе в Испании, Триптих Ломбардии – последний шанс для Нибали и его товарищей по Астане проверить уровень готовности в составе профессиональной команды перед отправкой в составы своих национальных сборных -

Нибали возглавит национальную сборную Италии в Понферраде 28 сентября

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