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One thought on “Sponsors”

  1. Hi Andre from canada quebec city,great fan of your team wich make great each year . I follow the team in their competitions, i also love the suits and the turqouise color wich make them very regognaisable in all competitions. I recetly bougt on the net the Astana gear,bibs, jersey, socks.and i am lookin to find leg warmer,arm warmer, wich i ordered at a place who lie to me ,charge the money but never shipped the stuff! I am pretty sad about it. I you ever know a place to find those items it woud be great! I also looking for Astana helmet it would be great to find one!. I so proud of the team that i am want to wear their colors! If your team come to quebec city to the world tour in september i will go to meet the team it will be a great honor and pleasure! Thanks to read me. Andre blouin.

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